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‘Why all the beautiful god loving girls dont want me’ Ringtone desparate for love After Zari turned him down

Ringtone Apoko is one artist who never ceases to amaze fans. Starting from his political ambitions to love matters. Some few years ago the celebrated gospel musician actually attempted to vie for a seat in his village but he lost terribly and fell flat, like a burnt pancake.

His desperation has now directed him to social media and the super talented is musician is decrying of a series of rejection that has sent him to a state of solitude.

Rejected twice

When it comes to love matters, the musician has met the worst. There is a time he declared his interest in Tanzania songstress Reheme Chalamila popularly known to many as Ray C but his request was turned down.

Recently, the tenda wema hit maker purchased a Range for Diamond’s ex-wife Zari Hasan but still was publicly rejected.

He has now taken to social media to desperately reveal how loneliness is slowly killing him.

“Mimi ni mpweke sana. Am so lonely. Miaka yangu ya kuoa imefika but sijui ntaoa nani. I cry alone daily in my 1m dollars mansion. I ask god why all the beautiful god loving girls dont want me. Please pray for MeπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™,” wrote Ringtone on social media.

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