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Top Travel and Tour Agencies in Kenya

 Kenya is one of the leading safari destinations in the world. But it can be tricky to plan a successful safari to this country if you don’t seek professional help. 

Worry less about planning since Kenyans’ travel agencies are waiting for your confirmation. They plan your safari based on your budget, offering you a memorable holiday vacation.

The agencies also have many packages like Custom safaris, Air safaris, and unique interest safaris, giving you a variety.  So, you get better services and enjoy your dream holiday.

Here is the list of the best travel and tourist agencies in Kenya.

  1. MasaiMaraSafari.in LTD –  Book Your Safari with Us

If you want to enjoy the radiant beauty of Kenya, then book your safari with MasaiMaraSafari.in. It’s amongst the leading tour companies in Kenya and is licensed and authorized by the Tourism regulatory authority.

Their highly trained tour guides will give you a better chance of seeing the big five and spot other animals such as hyenas, ostriches, and over 1000 more species. 

The agency’s well-crafted itinerary ensures that you will not have a minute to get bored after landing in Nairobi. Their 4*4 safari land cruisers will pick you and take you to a nice hotel where you will enjoy special Kenya delicacies, including the famous Kenyan tea.

You will proceed with the journey to Mara later and see the Great Rift Valley and other breathtaking sceneries before arriving. Carry a  high-quality camera since you would never like to forget the memorable adventure by the MasaiMaraSafari.in LTD.

2. AjKenyaSafaris.com LTD –  The Home of Kenya Safaris

AjKenyaSafaris.com has been in existence for more than two decades. They take pride in their experience, professionalism, and hospitality.

Their customer support is 24/7 available, and you can reach them via WhatsApp, email,  or a call for a safari consultation and planning.

Maybe you haven’t decided on the places you intend to explore. Then, you can leave it to their highly experienced tour consultants to create a perfect itinerary for you.

The tour agency has a 4×4 safari land cruiser fret to give its clients a comfortable safari. They offer cost-friendly all-inclusive luxurious packages and provide you with all you need.  

Your safety is also guaranteed since the tour guides are born and raised here, thus know the sceneries well. The company has a five-star quality rating from TripAdvisor.com, all the reviews given by the travellers.

3. Arch Treks and Safaris – Experience Nature’s Majesty  

They started their operations in 2004 are known for being reliable and highly experienced. They offer personalized services that include mountaineering adventure, tours, and safaris.

Other services include escorted walking safaris for those who like trekking. Finally, if you love to drive around and see the place, they have a car hire to make your exploration more accessible. 

Before hiking the mountains, their team of experts must advise you on whatever you require and accompany you to ensure that you remain safe. In addition, they have first aid kits in place just in case you need first aid.

Their customer support is 24/7 available for your booking and ready to offer you unique packages.

4. Bonfire Adventures – Kenya Holiday Deals and Destinations

They mainly deal with local tourists and offer fantastic packages. Among the packages include valentine travel packages, weekend travel getaway, engagement, and anniversary and birthday travel packages.

They operate in many countries worldwide, including Kenya, Europe, South Africa, Seychelles, and Asia.

You will enjoy their services, including hotel booking, airport transfers, air ticketing, and international holidays.

With over ten years of experience, this traveling agency understands your needs thus delivers high-quality personalized services.

Their highly motivated staff ensure that you get quality for your money and enjoy interacting with them every moment. In addition, the company prioritizes your safety and comfort.

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