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Embarambamba, The ‘Inyigwete Natorekire’ Hitmaker Reveals Reasons Why He Makes His Clothes Dirty

Embarambamba is undoubtedly the best Gospel artist from Gusii Land. He is known for his unique, energetic and funny performance which leaves all of subjects amazed. His real name is Christopher Mosioma and he hails from Keroka Town of Nyamira County.

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Your Entry Into Music And Origin Of The Name
The gospel artist explained on how he got into music from 2004. He stated that back in 2004 he loved to associate with famous people so that he could understand why and how people got to know them, he added that Mr. Ong’eng’o a then a very famous musician came looking for him when the then President Daniel Toroitich Moi came to open a school in Kisii County.

Mr Ong’eng’o was looking for a drummist and Embarambamba became his best choice. It was while playing the drum that the name Embarambamba came to be, after playing the drum, Mr Ong’eng’o called him Embarambamba. In 2006, they recorded a song, Entururu, which gave him a huge following and many came to know of Embarambamba from the song.

Chris Embarambamba

Change To Gospel Music
In 2007, Mr Ong’eng’o, seeing Embarambamba as a possible down liner of his legacy, he gave Embarambamba a chance to go and record his solo projects as all this time they were recording songs together. In the period, Embarambamba recorded a number of songs alone. In 2010, he worked with Sagero known also as Man Pepe until 2016.

Embarambamba  had a dream one day where God told him to go and sing, because he was alive and God was also alive. It is because of this that Embarambamba tears off his clothes during performances as a significance of chance from the secular to the Gospel way of life. His first ever gospel song was Yesu Moyale.

Chris Embarambamba and his dancer popular known as Ekide (Wilfred Nyakwanga)

Out Of The World Performance
From his swift jumps from left to right, to front and back flipping, to dipping himself into dirty water amd even tearing off his clothes this is to mention just but a few of a thousand and one unique techniques Embarambamba is embedded with. He attributes this to the fact that when he is performing, the Holy Spirit lands in him and gives him the extra strength. He swore that he has never planned his crazy performances.

From Left, Denis Nyamwembe, Chris Embarambamba and Ekide

Details On Why He Was Denied The Chance To Perform At Mashujaa Day
This year’s  Mashujaa Day Celebrations were held in Kisii County, and Embarambamba  being a huge Gospel act from the region, many expected him to entertain the guests who came from all over. This did not happen, he figuratively explained the ordeal when Kisii Government Official requested for his performance when President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had visited the county. Embarambamba was supposed to perform his Natorike song. It was here that it was evidenced that Embarambamba could not perform at the nationwide celebration.

He stated that he jumbe from the Chief’s feet, to the interior CS  Fred Matiang’i to the Deputy President’s just metres away from the President’s. His actions were so swift that it kept the President’s security concerned. He was however promised to perform in other events that were to be held outside the county.

Does Music Really Pay
Embarambamba stated that while he was working for Mr Ong’eng’o, he uses to get paid only Ksh. 600. He however stated that Gospel Music paid more compared to the secular genre. He said that well wishes sometimes send him money randomly. Embarambamba said that apart from Music, he has nothing else to do other than to stay at home.

His Fashion Designer
Embarambamba has a very unique way of dressing. He dresses in oversized customized suits. He recalls that during his performance at the Carnivore Simba Saloon while he was entertaining guests, while dressed in a cow’s skin, he was approached by a fashion designer who made him the outfit. He added that he had two designers one from Nairobi whose task is to  find the materials and the one in Kisii does the tailoring work.

Douglas Ofiso and Kiande are his role models and thousands of young upcoming artists look up to him and he tells them not to give up.

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