Latest 100 Sheng words that you should know 2019

Sheng is a slang language that borrows it words from English and kiswahili. Its main purpose is to enhance hidden communication to a group of targeted people mostly young in age. The language is widely used Kenyan urban setups.

Though most people regard it as unofficial way of communication, the language is gradually taking over and its usage slowly being accepted not only to young generation but also the old generation. Did you know Sheng language is nowadays becoming a source of livelihood?

A good grasp of Sheng language can land you a lucrative job like radio presenter or even as an interpreter. For this reason, I’ve decided to bring to your attention commonly used words. Checkout the table below

Sheng word Meaning
Ndom,Vela weed
Mbwenya court
Mjulubeng manhood
ikus Private part of a woman
jaba muguka
Arif, fafiri friend
Poko,kuro prostitute
Riba,rojo story
tonje Laptop
Mamu,denge,quella,mkoba,keki Girl
mwere Fool
mukuru An elderly lady
ndoko Girl
kae Sex
mbulu Tv
tulutulu Mulika mwizi phone
Gede,maji,tei booze
sonko Rich person
Doh,chapaa,cheddar,mkwanja,ganji,maweng Money
thao Sh. 1000
panch Sh. 500
Kinde,ashu Sh. 10
Chuani, finje Sh.50
rwabe Sh. 200
soo Sh. 100
Kobole, ngovo Sh. 5
ocha Rural home
ndai Car
mangware Early morning
manga To eat
Mboi Counterfeit
Lamba lolo Licking ‘lollipop’
mneti internet
nyuria die
njege Police
Ngala,ngem Cigarette
ndondo Jail
Myaka,moda Mum
moshatta Village
empress Beautiful lady
Cheza chini Ignore or avoid
Mless A son or daughter
gwara fail
sogi Watchman
Niko wire I am broke
ngori problem