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Best SDA Choirs in Kenya; King’s Ministers,Pillars of Faith,Magena Main Youth

Arguably Seventh Day Adventist-SDA choirs are the best when it comes to musical world. They sing passionately and their soulful voices alternating in a perfect way.

SDA songs encourage, inspire, and uplift believers in their faith life.

Despite the presence of numerous denominations, music is what connects all believers to one supreme being, God. SDA Songs are so uplifting and they soothe nicely even when things seem not to work out.

Best SDA choirs in Kenya

1. Pillars of Faith Ministries SDA choir

This one of best Seventh Day Adventist choir. One of their song that was received well was Nyundo. Nyundo simple warns Christian to stop acting unrighteously so as not to take Jesus back to the cross.

Their song upendo which translates to love is among the most listened to song among Sabbath keepers. The song talks of love and how it’s amazingly great to love each other.

Hit songs by Pillars of Faith Ministries

  • Wanamsingi
  • Pigs panda
  • Hamtadumu
  • Kama si Mungu
  • Imbeni sifa
  • Pekee yangu sitaweza
  • Happy am I
  • Kama Njia
  • Crowded is your heart
  • Jua latangaza
  • Inuka
  • Alituumba
  • Yesu kawapa mifano
  • Kando ya bahari
  • Matendo ya bwana Safari yetu

2. King’s Ministers SDA choir

King’s Ministers SDA Choir is defensible the most listened to by Sabbath keepers not only in Nyanza region but also across the country.

Their debut album “tuujenge ukuta” which is a swahili phrase meaning let’s build a wall was warmly received by believers. The album comprise of uplifting songs that will surely not leave you the same again.

Hit songs by King Minister’s SDA choir

  • Tuujenge Ukuta
  • Zerubabeli
  • Kisanyiko la Yuda
  • Mawaziri was mfalme
  • Changamka
  • Yeye anaitwa
  • Kazi zangu zikiisha
  • Nani Mkuu
  • Una heri

3. Magena Main Youth SDA choir

The choir hails from Kisii region and it has blessed many souls. The choir enjoys great lyrical prowess and amazing voices.

Their debut Album tunayo habari gave them a great breakthrough. Since 2016, the choir has moved from grace to grace.

Mamlaka which translates to authority remains to be one of their best song. Currently the song Ishara from the album Ombi langu is doing great.

Hit songs by Magena main youth

  • Tunayo habari
  • Tutaimba
  • Shamba la Mizabibu
  • Japo ni machungu
  • Ishara
  • Njooni
  • Mungu wangu
  • Iheshimu ndoa
  • Rafiki
  • Tunashukuru
  • Mlima Pisgah
  • Nangoja ahadi
  • Msiipende dunia
  • Ninawi
  • Bila wewe
  • Nahoda
  • Machafuko
  • Watu waasi
  • Yerusalemu
  • Ayubu
  • Alisononeka
  • Kizazi hiki

4. Makongeni SDA choir

Makongeni is also the best SDA choir in Kenya. Their amazing skills of instruments and lyrical prowess make the choir to stand out.

Hit songs by Makongeni SDA choir

  • Ukimwi
  • Kisha nikauona mji
  • Amkeni
  • Nishike mkono bwana
  • Tokeni Babloni
  • Nuhu na Safina
  • Jambo moja

4. Amazing Discovery SDA choir.

Just like its name the choir is amazingly great. Their soul touching songs is what make them more inspiring and encouraging. It hails from Kitale.

Hit songs by Amazing Discovery SDA

  • Nifanye chombo chako
  • Ramani
  • Mungu Mwema
  • Onya kwa upendo
  • Asifiwe
  • We we pekee
  • Unalia mini
  • Nani kama Mungu

5. Royal Friends Ministers SDA choir

This is a Nakuru based choir. The choir is blessed with great voices that blend awesomely to bring out best melodies.

Hit songs by Royal Friends Ministers

  • Yusufu
  • Je umechoka
  • Lwandana
  • Almost home

Other SDA choirs include:

  • Umoja one SDA choir
  • Faith is the victory choir
  • Kenya SDA choir
  • Ng’ope SDA choir
  • NYS SDA choir
  • Nyamasare SDA choir
  • JKUAT SDA choir
  • Kenyatta University SDA choir(KUSDA)
  • Ziwani SDA choir
  • Zion Ministers SDA choir (Moi university)
  • University of Nairobi SDA choir
  • Egerton University SDA choir (EUSDA)
  • Mathare North SDA choir
  • Chepterit SDA Choir
  • Sedan Kimathi SDA choir
  • Nairobi Central SDA choir
  • Pilgrim SDA choir
  • Riruta SDA choir

Is there any Seventh Day Adventist choir that I’ve forgotten? Feel free to share in the comment box below

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