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5 ways on how to promote your YouTube channel as a YouTuber in Kenya 2019

LVideos has become the hottest trend in digital marketing in recent times and most people know it.

We have discovered that most businesses nowadays are starting to set up YouTube channels to grow their brand and reach to the modern audience unlike a while back whey they’d go for TV advertisements or billboards.

Well,  setting up a YouTube channel is not a big deal, if you want to get noticed by the you need to know how to promote your YouTube channel.

The sad truth is that there is a lot of fierce competition on YouTube and I trust that you know that. You might be putting a lot of time, effort and resources into creating amazing videos, but do you know how to promote your channel?

Never fear,  we’re about to tell you 5 effective way on how to promote your YouTube channel, take notes.

Enable video distribution and encourage embedding

Did you know that you can promote your YouTube channel without paying? But you have to make sure your audience is able to do some of the work.

Be sure to double check the distribution options of your channel and ensure that you have enabled video embedding.

If customers, bloggers, business owners or other viewers love your video, that may wish to share it with other people. Allowing people to embed your videos means they can insert your content into their website, blog or YouTube channel.

Make playlists

Make your videos easier to find and enjoy by organizing them into consumable playlists.

Playlists will help to create a streamlined watching experience for your audience. In a playlist, each video runs on autoplay after the previous video finishes.

Playlists can also improve your rankings in search engines; the playlist title and description are additional opportunities for you to include keywords and target your audience.

Your playlists can be a collection of your most popular videos or an ongoing series.

Advertise on social media

Promotion  your videos on your social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc is a great ideal for gaining views from an already-interested audience.

You could simply share a link to your video, but we’d advice you to share a trailer or an interesting part of the video that will get get you a better engagement. This is especially true for Facebook and Instagram.

In other words, learn how to promote your YouTube channel creatively! Produce a short video that introduces the subject matter and informs viewers about the longer video. Then upload that promo directly to your social media.

Engage with your community

YouTube is a social platform. If you want to find out how to promote your YouTube channel and become a star, you must engage with your audience.

Below are some of the ways that you can engage with your audience on YouTube:

  1. Respond to comments left on your videos, answer questions, and click the heart icon on your favorite remarks. This will show that you are attentive to what your audience has to say.
  2. Subscribe to other users’ channels and leave your own comments to show that you are an active participant in the YouTube community.
  3. Create Q&A videos
  4. Run giveaways and contests to reward existing subscribers, attract new viewers, and build a viewership of loyal, interested followers.
  5. Collaborate with other content creators to expose your videos to a new audience.

Give your videos an irresistible title

When people are searching for videos on YouTube, the two main things that will grab their attention is the video thumbnail and the title.

The title is the first thing a person will read when they find your video. If you want to know how to promote your YouTube channel, you need to be able to write engaging, interesting titles for each of your videos.

Here are some tips for writing great titles:

  1. Keep it short
  2. Include keywords
  3. Be compelling
  4. Avoid clickbait

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