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5 Ways on how to promote your music in Kenya

In this time and age,  the internet has opened up endless possibilities to promote your music not only in Kenya but across the world.

The key to successfully promoting your music in the most competitive music industry is to try new things. Take time and learn from the promotions you run and tune then to your unique career.

Here is a look at some basic strategies that you use to promote your music.

1. Use social media

We all use social media, most of use have Facebook,  Instagram,  Twitter etc accounts and with these platforms you can make your brand bigger than ever seen before.

We’d advice that about 80% of your posts should be funny, conversational, and interesting, leaving about 20% for promotional material, nobody wants to get promotional materials all the time the sad truth is that promotional materials sucks but if you do it the right way you’ll be amazed with the results.

If you’re out on tour, take photos at the venues or share short videos or photos of the audiences. These things aren’t obviously promotional, but they still let fans know what’s going on.

2. Live music promotion

Gigs are a great place to promote your new album or song. Tell your fans that you’ll be premiering a new song before it’s released. Choose one local gig and turn it into an event. Maybe fans who come to that show will be able to buy the album at your merch booth before anyone else.

You could also use gigs to grow a fanbase in new cities, states, or countries.

3. Promote using your website

If you got a website it shouldn’t be a static thing, it should be adapting and changing to reflect new events in your career.

The more often they’re on your site, the more they’re exposed to your albums, merch, and tickets. If you’re starting out we advise you to get a blog it is a great solution.

Creating landing pages is also a great idea,  this can help you in collecting emails, make sales or raise awareness.

4. Collaborate with other musicians

Collaborations are more oftenly overlooked as an aspect of music promotion. It’s a great way to get your music  to a new audience and expand your fanbase.

Just make sure you collaborate with musicians whose fans would appreciate your music. Choose to work with musicians that do  similar genre like you or with similar fanbase.

5. Reach out to music blogs

If you want to promote your music, it isn’t just about sharing things with your fans. You also want to reach out to new audiences and convert them to fans.

Music blogs are a great way to do that. Bloggers are always looking for fresh, new content and how cool thing is. This means that if your music is run on a blog, it’s guaranteed to be seen by people who already like the genre!

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