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List of Private Medical Training Colleges Offering Diploma In Nursing

Currently there are more than seventy public Kenya Medical Training campuses that offer various health related courses. The truth is that sometimes it is a tall order to secure a place in most medical training centres owing to limited chances and competition.

In this article am going to list thirty seven (37) private colleges that train nurses at diploma level in Kenya. These colleges have been approved by Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK).

It is important to note that Diploma in Nursing in most colleges is known as Kenya registered community health nursing (KRCHN).

These institutions supplement the government colleges that also offer diploma in nursing.

1.     The Nairobi hospital Cicely McDonnel School of nursing.
2.     AIC Kapsowar school of Nursing – Kapsowar.
3.     AIC Litein School of nursing – Litein.
4.     AMREF virtual nursing school.
5.     Catherine McAuley School of nursing.
6.     Clive Irvine College of nursing.
7.     Consalata hospital, Nkubu School of nursing.
8.     Consalata hospital, Nyeri School of nursing.
9.     Consalata hospital, Ortum School of nursing.
10.  Consalata hospital, Wamba School of nursing.
11.  Fidenza School of nursing, Kyeni.
12.  Gertudes training centre.
13.  Joan school of nursing.
14.  Karen hospital training college.
15.  Kendu Adventist hospital school of nursing.
16.  Kijabe School of nursing.
17.  Maseno mission hospital school of nursing.
18.  Maua Methodist hospital school of nursing.
19.  Moi teaching and referral hospital.
20.  Nairobi women hospital.
21.  Nazareth school of nursing.
22.  NEP College of health sciences.
23.  North coast medical training college.
24.  Nzoia College of nursing.
25.  Our lady Lourdes mission hospital school of nursing.
26.  Outspan medical college.
27.  PCEA surburb college Nakuru.
28.  PCEA Tumutu School of nursing.
29.  Ram school of nursing.
30.  St.Camillus school of nursing.
31.  St.Clare Kaplong School of nursing.
32.  St.Elizabeth school of nursing, Mukumu.
33.  St. Joseph school of nursing, Nyabondo.
34.  St. Lukes hospital school of nursing, Kaloleni.
35.  St. Lukes hospital school of nursing, North Kinangop.
36.  Tenwek School of nursing.

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