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List Approved Nursing, Midwifery Institutions by Nursing Council of Kenya

The organization in charge of accrediting study programs for the nursing and midwifery professions is the Nursing Council of Kenya. The Council has recognized 121 nursing and midwifery training institutions to far. These schools will train students for diverse fields of nursing and midwifery practice at the degree, basic, and post basic diploma levels.

Students must make sure that both the training institution and the training program (course) are approved by the Council before enrolling in any training. The Nursing Council of Kenya will not acknowledge any of the student’s training if either is NOT Authorized. This implies that after finishing the program, the learner will not be permitted to practice in Kenya (or anywhere else).

All training institutes are required to go through the accreditation process. A review procedure called accreditation assesses nursing training programs. It is founded on accepted quality standards and best practices. It makes sure that various requirements are met or exceeded by nursing and midwifery programs. To guarantee that students obtain the kind of education required for their chosen vocation, this procedure is essential.

The Nursing Council of Kenya responds to complaints or information concerning programs and/or institutions that operate illegally in Kenya. Operating such a facility or providing such a program is against the Nurses Act and is a crime.

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