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KMTC Nursing Course; Qualifications, Intake, Campus Offered

Nurses work in Hospitals and other health facilities, where they provide hands on care to patients by administering medications, managing intravenous lines, observing  and monitoring patients’ conditions, maintaining records and communicating with Doctors.

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Here are minimum requirements, duration and campuses offering Nursing at Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma levels

Academic  Programme Course DurationKMTC Campus  Where Course is  OfferedEntry Requirements
Certificate Enrolled Community Health  Nursing 2 years Selected KMTC  CampusesKCSE Mean grade of C-,  

C- in Kiswahili or English & Biology or  Biological Sciences. D+ in any one of  the following: Chemistry or Physical  Science or Physics or Mathematics

DiplomaKenya Registered Community  Health Nursing (Upgrading from  Enrolled Community Health Nurse)1½ year (full  time)Selected KMTC  Campuses Certificate in Kenya Enrolled  Community Health Nursing (KECHN)  and registered by the Nursing Council  of Kenya
Kenya Registered Community Health  Nursing (Upgrading from Enrolled  Community Health Nursing) 2 years 



Selected KMTC  Campuses
Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (Upgrading from  Enrolled Nurse /Midwife)Certificate in Enrolled Community  Health Nursing or Certificate in  Midwifery, Registered by the Nursing  Council of Kenya
Kenya Registered Community  Health Nursing (Pre-service)3 yearsSelected KMTC  Campuses KCSE minimum aggregate C with the  following specific requirements: C in  English or Kiswahili and Biology or  Biological Sciences. C- in Chemistry,  Mathematics or Physics / Physical  Sciences
Kenya Registered Nursing Mental  Health and Psychiatry Nursing
Selected KMTC  Campuses
Selected KMTC  Campuses
Kenya Registered Nurse 
Kenya Registered Nurse/Mid wifery (KRN/M)Selected KMTC  Campuses


Critical Care Nursing 1 year Nairobi, Thika,  Machakos, KilifiDiploma in Nursing or in Community  Health Nursing (KRN/KRCHN),  Diploma in Nursing (KRN/KRM). Registration by a Nursing Council of  respective country is a must. Applicant  must demonstrate ability to cope  with academic work and research  comparable to any Higher Diploma  training institution
Peri-operative Nursing 1 year Nairobi,  


Paediatric Nursing 1 year Kisumu
Palliative Care (Distance learning) 1 ½ year Nairobi
Psychiatric Nursing 1 year Mathare
Ophthalmic Care Nursing 1 year Nairobi
Nephrology 1 year Nairobi, Nakuru
Family Health Nursing (Distance  learning) 1yearNairobi,  

Gatundu, Thika,  Nakuru, Nyeri

Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetist 1 year Kisumu
Geriatric Nursing 1 ½ year  





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