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TSC News on Promotion of Teachers 2024, How to pass Promotion Interviews, New Guidelines for TSC promotions

If there is one thing that has greatly annoyed teachers in the teaching service is how their promotion is being handled. Most of them are extremely qualified for promotion but up-to-date there is no convincing reason as to why they have not been promoted. Higher grades in teaching force have the following advantages;

  • High basic salary and allowances.
  • Can be appointed in administrative positions.

Its important to note that a newly employed graduate teacher will automatically be in grade C2 which was initially known as job group K. After three years, the teacher will move to grade C3. Most teachers stagnate in grade C3 that used to be job group L despite having what it takes to be promoted. In fact most teachers retire while in grade C3. Majority of teachers are hopeful that one day the commission will be fairer and promote tutors who are merited.

A teacher in grade C3 andC2 cannot serve in administrative position and this therefore makes these grades limitive. For a teacher to move to grade C4 he or she must be interviewed. These interviews are usually advertised in print media and qualified teachers are invited.

How to pass TSC promotion interviews

  • Ensure that there is improvement in your teaching subject with respect to previous years. This means that there must be value addition in learners.
  • Prepare adequately for the interview day by doing proper research as far as teaching profession is concerned.
  • Have a presentable filing system with all your professional documents including your teaching timetable.
  • Ensure that you fill your TPAD form as a hard copy and soft copy within stipulated timelines.
  • Proper documentation of any activity that you do. Even if you’ve counseled a student or participated in a community activity, there must be an evidence. Nowadays the commission is evidence based. This evidence can be produced during interview day.
  • Proper understanding of TSC code of conduct. .

Why a teacher may not be promoted

The following are reasons why the commission may not promote teachers.

  • Inadequate budgetary for promotion.
  • Lack of adequate preparation for interviews by teachers.
  • Lack of appraisal report.

Why a teacher may be demoted from headship

Its is also important to note that the commission has powers to demote a teacher. The following are situations where a teacher in administrative post can be dethroned;

  • Adverse reports: This can include embezzlement of funds meant for school activities, poor financial management, failure to maintain good learning environment, poor human resource management among others.

  • Poor performance: The main role of administrators is to implement curriculum and lay proper strategies that will lead to good performance.

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