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New TSC salary scale as from 1st July 2018 According to the Current CBA

Current CBA

The implementation of the current CBA of sh54 billion started in July last year. The final implementation report of the CBA will run until June 30, 2021.

According to the CBA, the implementation will be in two phases for teachers in job groups H and J, while teachers in the upper cadre, who are mostly in administrative positions, will have the increase implemented in four phases.

Among the benefits of this CBA is that the P1 teacher position which was job group G, was abolished, and those in the grade moved to H, which is known as B5 as per the new TSC grading system.

Chief Principal in Job Group R (D5)

Currently they are earning Sh148,360, will now take home Sh152,937, while the lowest paid Chief Principal in Job Group Q, will earn Sh111,201, up from Sh102,807.

Senior principals in Job Group P (D4)

They will now take home Sh99,730 up from 87,730, while the highest paid principal in this category, currently taking home Sh109,249, will earn Sh114,632.

Headteachers and Senior Master III

Headteachers, deputy headteachers and senior master III currently earning between Sh29,427 and Sh55,604 will now take home between Sh40,849 and Sh60,613.

Deputy head teacher II

Currently deputy headteacher II is earning between Sh26,610 and Sh47,896, as from 1 July, will earn between Sh35,927 and Sh49,912.

Secondary teacher I and Senior teacher I

They are currently earning between Sh37,721 and Sh47,912 as from 1 July will take home between Sh39,532 and Sh49,912.

Primary teacher I and Secondary teacher III

Currently they are earning between Sh25,929 and Sh31,956 but will now earn between Sh27,195 and Sh33,994.

Primary teacher II

They are lowest paid teachers currently taking home between Sh19,224 and Sh24,250 but will now take home between Sh21,756 and Sh27,195.

Hardship allowance, Commuter allowance, Annual leave allowance

Hardship allowance will be between Sh6,600 and Sh38,000, commuter allowance will be between Sh4,000 and Sh16,000 while annual leave allowance will be between Sh4, 000 and Sh10, 000.

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