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Teachers’ Job groups in Kenya, Their Salaries, House and Comuter Allowances

Teaching is a work force that falls under civil service. In Kenya, teachers are graded from job group “G” to job group in civil service. As a P1 teacher in job group G, the minimum earning is Ksh25,692 and the maximum is Ksh30,304. For chief principal which is the highest rank, he or she can earns a minimum of Kshs165,089 and a maximum of Kshs200,928.

Teacher service Commission of Kenya(TSC), provides opportunities for teachers to be promoted from one job group to another. For one to move from one job group to another, he or she is subjected to interview. The table below shows salary scale for teachers according to Salaries and Remuneration commission

Job GroupTeachers DesignationBasic salaryCommon AllowancesGross Salary
Min.Max.HouseCommuterMin. Max.
HATS IV19,32324,6625,0004,00028,32333,662
JGAT III24,66229,9186,0004,00034,66239,918
KGAT II31,02041, 59010,0005,00046,02056,590
L GAT I35,91045,88020,0006,00061,91071,880
MSenior GAT41,59055,84020,0008,00069,95083,840
NPrincipal GAT II48,19065,29024,0008,00080,19097,290
PPrincipal GAT I77,527103,89440,00012,000129,527155,894
QSenior principal89,748120,27040,00014,000143,748174,270
RChief Principal109,089109,08940,00016,000165,089200,928

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