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Top 10 Worst Employers/Companies to work for In Kenya

Most people love and feel good when working in an environment that make them to grow economically and live a financially stable life. However there are many companies and employers who make millions of money in terms of profit but their employees have nothing good to smile about.

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Here are indicators of worst employers/Companies;

  • Poor remuneration -What motivates human beings is money factor. An employer that does not give its employees financial security is the worst.
  • Poor working environment– This can be things to do with policies that are not favouring employees or long working hours that do not reflect on their salary.
  • Lack of clear framework for promotion– Promotion usually comes with handsome pay. An employer that keep its employees staganated in the same grade or job position is the worst. Promotion motivates workers and improve productivity.
  • Non-Consultative employer– A good employer should always involve its employees when it comes to policy making and decision making. This is important because it makes employees to own the firm and ultimately feel motivated
  • Frequent strikes – strike is a clear indication that workers are oppressed or dissatisfied with working conditions.
  • High exit rate – This definitely indicates dissatisfaction in the working environment

Here is a list of worst employers/Companies in Kenya

1. Teacher Service Commission

This is a body that employs and dismisses teachers in public schools. Teachers in Kenya have always felt oppressed by this commission starting from the policies and working environment.

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A newly employed graduate teacher is paid less than ksh 40,000 even after the union of teachers signed a  CBA that was praised as the best ever. The truth is that teachers in high grades and administrative positions who are paid handsomely but those in low grades are paid peanuts.

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The worst part is how recruitment of primary teachers is done. Its shocking that primary teachers who graduated 2008 have not been employed up-to-date.

2. Equity Bank

Another firm that falls in this category Equity Bank. Despite the company posting up to Ksh 14 billion profits annually it’s rated as one of the worst banks and by extension companies to work for in Kenya.

Its shocking almost three quarters of Equity employees earn less than Ksh 40,000. Surely, what can you do with Ksh 40,000 per month.

3. KBC

This is a is the state-run media organization in Kenya. Most workers at the station who work hard are on a monthly pay of between KShs8000 and KShs30000 despite the fact that they are highly educated while some workers who were brought by senior managers related to them and earn more than them.

4. Brookside Diary Firm/Fresher/Daima

Milk dairies make billions every year but it can’t afford to pay their employees good salaries. Starting salary for employees in these companies is Ksh15, 000.

5. K24

K24 is ranked the second worst media houses to work for in Kenya after state owned KBC. Although top journalists are paid up to Ksh500, 000, several junior journalists and reporters are paid as low as Ksh25,000.

6. Board of Management (Secondary Teachers)

Graduate teachers and diploma teachers who have not secured employment with TSC are usually employed by school board of management. Its shocking that most BOM pay teachers as low as less than Ksh10,000. Its so demotivating.

7. Kenindia /Amaco/Madison Insurance Firms

The average salary in these insurance companies is Ksh 25,000. What is disgusting here is the fact that senior managers are paid as high as Ksh 600,000 per month but the staff under them is living by the grace of God.

8. Tea Firms & Companies

Workers in tea firms are also the worst paid in Kenya. This the reason why they frequently call for strikes so as to register their grievances. Among the leading tea firms in Kenya are Unilever Kenya and James Finlays.

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9. Indian Companies

Indian owned companies are also the worst to work for. Apart from harsh treatment to employees, they pay employees lowly and long working hours.

10. Manufacturing Companies/Firm

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