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The Origin and meaning of swahili phrase/Slogan “Bora uhai” Cha muhimu uhai

Bora Uhai is a new Swahili slogan in town that is being used by most social media users. Many have been wondering where the word Bora Uhai came from. Worry no more because finally the origin and meaning of this Swahili phrase that is slowly taking root in Kenya has been revealed.

Origin of Bora Uhai

Its alleged that Bora uhai phrase was started by a group of gamblers who used it to counsel themselves whenever they loose a bet. This being a wolrd cup season and most outcomes are unexpected gamblers have come up with this phrase so as to counsel themselves.

Despite the fact that most favorite teams and players were eliminated at early stages in 2018 world cup, this phrase has made the whole event more entertaining.

Meaning of Bora Uhai

This popular statement literally means “so long its life” or “so long as there is life“. Even if outcomes of events are unexpectedly disappointing, so long as you’re are still breathing the outcome doesn’t count. This therefore makes this phrase a source of hope and consolation.

When to use Bora Uhai phrase

There are many situations where bora Uhai phrase can be used:

  • When you are dumped by your lover.
  • When you have lost in a bet.
  • When the outcome of an event is contrary to expectations.
  • When you make losses in your business.

Generally bora Uhai is a consoling phrase that will make you to feel good and forget about your current disappointing situation.

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