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Here is ten of Best Brain Cell 1, Brain cell 2 and Mouth memes; Meaning and origin of Brain Cell Concept

When it comes to creativity Kenyans on twitter (KOT) takes the lead and they give it to their best. For past few days Kenyans Netizens have overwhelmingly used Brain cell 1, Brain cell 2 and Mouth to bring out humour and to make the world twitter and social media the best place to be. Few weeks bora uhai was the phrase that was trending and up to now its still rocking. To get the meaning and origin bora uhai click here

Meaning of Brain cell 1, brain Cell 1 and Mouth and How it started

The whole concept brain cell 1, brain cell 2 and mouth is basically to point out the difference between what people think about saying and what they eventually end up saying.

It started by one of tweep going by the twitter handle @KapukaFacts and thereafter other tweeps started using his format to bring out interesting jokes that have made social media more fascinating.

Here are some of the posts that have captured more attention of social media users

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