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Presidential Escort Unit in Kenya, their roles, Salary and Other units Under Kenya Police Service

Presidential escort is one of prestigious unit of National police service.

It was established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2011.

  1. To provide security and protection to His Excellency the President.
  2.  To provide security to the First Family.
  3. Provide security to the retired Presidents.
  4. Provide security to His Excellency the Deputy President.
  5.  Provide security to visiting Heads of State and Governments.
  6.  Provide Security to any other V.I.P. as may be directed by the Inspector-General.

Salary for Kenya police service

How much a Kenyan police is paid depends on which level of administration he or she is;

1. The basic salary for Kenya police constable was sh. 32,880, a compensation that was considerably higher than a fresh graduate in Kenya.

2. Corporals take home basic pay of Ksh 42, 660.

3.A constable pockets sh 45, 540 every end of the month.

4. Senior sergeants gets Sh50,220.

5. Police inspector earns a basic pay of Sh53,820.

6. Ass. Superintendent of police gets Sh70,530.

7. A Superintendent procures Ksh Sh73,020

8. A Senior superintendent gets Sh85,890.

10. Assistant inspector-general of police pockets Sh187,890.

11. A senior assistant inspector-general takes home Sh274,890 every month

12. The Inspector General of Police gets Sh854,241.

Other units under Kenya Police Service includes;

  • Tourist police unit

Its main role is to protect tourist’s life and properties

  • Railway police unit

Its major role is to safe guard Railways corporation property on stations, platforms trains in goods sheds workshops and goods on transit.

  • Marine Police Unit

Its mainly mandated to Prevent the introduction of unauthorized weapons, incendiary devices or explosives to ships or port facilities

  • Kenya Airports Police Unit

The unit mainly deals with preventing and detecting crimes, inquiries into offences against property and persons within the three airports.

  • Dog Unit

It is mandated to take care and maintenance of police dogs.

  • General Service Unit

It Provids security to his Excellency the President and state houses / lodge.

  • Diplomatic Police Units

Its meant to provide specialized security for Diplomats.

  • Kenya Police Airwing

The unit provides air support to the Service; including air supply and recce (tact, night and visual)

  • Kenya Police Traffic Department

It Ensures free flow of traffic.

  • Kenya Police Service Unit

Its mandated to train police drivers to the highest possible standards of competence and integrity.


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