Man arrested after attempt to steal a gun from a Police Officer fails During Donald Triump’s Rally

 A 19-year-old Michael Sandford was arrested in an attempt to disarm a police  during Republican campaign at the Treasury Island Hotel and Casino. Micheal claimed to be interested in getting an autograph from a uniformed officer instead of taking home a signature, he instead attempted to  steal the gun from the officer.

Donald Triump’s suppoter

It is unclear when the potentially violent incident took place during the Trump rally inside the hotel’s Mystere Theatre, which was packed full of 1,500 of his die-hard supporters.

Donald Triump in a rally

This is what one of the police said:

“Sandford began a conversation with the officer under the pre tense that he was seeking an autograph.

“During the conversation, Sandford attempted to disarm the officer.”

However during the incident, nearby officers were able to foil the plot, and Sandford was quickly arrested.