KDF to recruit Servicemen/women, Tradesmen/women & Constables from 19 Nov to 19 Dec 2018

Ministry of defence is pleased to announce the recruitment of Servicemen/Women, Tradesmen/Women & Constables that is scheduled to take place from 19 Nov 2018 to 19 Dec 2018 at various centres countrywide.

Prospective candidates must satisfy the following set of conditions and requirements.

(1) Must be Kenyan citizens.
(2) Age – Between 18 and 26 years old.
(3) Education – A minimum of mean grade D (Plain) in KCSE.
(4) Be medically fit.
(5) Have no criminal record.
(6) Minimum Height – 5 ft 3 in. (5’3”).
(7) Minimum Weight:
(a) Men – 54.55 Kg (120 lb).
(b) Women – 50 Kg (110 lb).
(8) Women candidates must NOT be pregnant.

Recruitment will be conducted at the advertised centres between 6am-6pm on weekdays. Successful candidates will be issued with calling letters by the Senior Recruiting Officers.

Note that any person purporting to recruit/issue calling letters away from recruitment centres is a con person and should be reported to relevant authority immediately.

Also remember that recruitment exercise is free and no amount of money can influence the outcome of the process. Any one caught in corrupt activities will be disqualified and jailed.

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