Huddah Monroe’s new endorsement will shock you

Being a popular socialite, former Big Brother Africa housemate Huddah Monroe is also one of the biggest people to  make it in the world of socialites not only in East Africa but globally.

While other so called socialites are fighting and abusing each other, Huddah is tirelessly working smart to make a brand for herself!

The flamboyant socialite warned  those girls who share their phone digits with ‘dirty boys’ advising them that they should stay alert! Huddah is a saxy business magnate and its increasingly clear that she like big business deals.

Through her social media accounts, she has confirmed to the world that she is officially the new brand ambassador for Puma.

She went on to her Insta story and told the world her new position wearing the shoes and flaunting the black and white Puma shoes.

Checkout the photos below: