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How to Pay NHIF Contribution & Penalty Via Mpesa Paybill

Instructions for making NHIF payments via Mpesa Paybill Number 222222:

  1. Navigate to the MPESA Menu.
  2. Choose PAYBILL.
  3. Input Pay-bill Number 222222.
  4. Provide the Account number:
    4.1. NHIFM-ID Number (for regular contributions, e.g., NHIFM-3456789004)
    4.2. NHIFP-ID Number (for penalty contributions, e.g., NHIFP-098765439876)
  5. Enter the Amount to pay.
  6. Input your MPESA PIN.
  7. The transaction will be processed and your member account will be updated.

Instructions for NHIF Payment Through Selfcare:

  1. Visit the NHIF Website www.nhif.or.ke and access Self-Care.
  2. Log in to NHIF Selfcare using an E-Citizen Account or NHIF Account.
  3. Upon Sign-in, select Pay Contributions.
  4. Choose whether to pay for self or others:
    Note: Regardless of the chosen option, ensure correct details and amount are filled.
  5. After filling in details and amount, a prompt message from MPESA will appear on your phone to enter your MPESA PIN.
  6. After entering the MPESA PIN, you will receive a confirmation message of a successful transaction.
  7. Upon completion, sign out from the NHIF Self Care Platform.

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