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Best Autism Schools in Kenya 2024

Autism is a broad category encompassing developmental conditions characterized by persistent difficulties in social communication and interaction, alongside repetitive behavior patterns and narrow interests. Recently, it’s often referred to as the autism spectrum “condition” rather than “disorder” to reduce stigma, acknowledging individuals with disabilities needing a medical diagnosis while recognizing cognitive strengths.

The term “spectrum” acknowledges the range of challenges, from mild to severe, varying among individuals. While common issues are shared, each person on the autism spectrum faces unique challenges and abilities, as autism affects individuals differently due to our inherent uniqueness.

  1. Autism School International is renowned as one of Kenya’s premier institutions catering to children with autism and other learning disabilities. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the school provides a conducive learning environment amidst Kenya’s serene surroundings. It acknowledges the necessity of specialized care and education, thus employing a multi-disciplinary team of educators, psychiatrists, and physiotherapists dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of their students. Furthermore, the institution extends psychological counseling services to parents, pupils, and the broader community, fostering awareness and understanding of autism and other developmental disorders.

  1. St. Gerald’s Centre for Children with Autism operates as both a day and boarding school for children aged 3 to 16 years, offering tailored programs to address individual developmental needs. Beyond academic instruction, the school prioritizes the well-being of both students and their families affected by autism. With a focus on meticulous monitoring of progress and a team of trained professionals, St. Gerald’s ensures comprehensive care and effective educational delivery.

  1. Bridgewood School, established in 2004, is dedicated to supporting children with autism in Kenya through various learning approaches tailored to their needs. Emphasizing the importance of early intervention, the school caters to children aged 2 to 6 years, fostering confidence and self-esteem. Its curriculum encompasses a wide range of activities aimed at enhancing attention, communication, social, and motor skills, empowering students to reach their full potential irrespective of their circumstances.

  1. Kenya Community Centre for Learning operates as a non-profit community school, providing educational and therapeutic services to children aged 6 to 21 with diverse learning challenges. Through individualized assessment and therapy, the school equips students with the skills to overcome their disabilities and thrive in society. Embracing diversity, the school fosters a sense of unity among students from various religious and cultural backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and common goals.

  1. Port Reitz Special School, initially established in 1965 for physically handicapped students, has evolved into a mixed boarding school accommodating day and boarding students. Following the Kenyan 8-4-4 system, the school provides primary education while prioritizing the holistic development of students with disabilities. With a dedicated team of professionals, Port Reitz Special School remains committed to helping students achieve their goals and integrate fully into society.

  1. Kenyan Institute of Special Education strives to provide equal educational opportunities to children with disabilities. Through its preschool program and assessment services, the institute addresses the needs of children with hearing impairments, learning difficulties, and autism, ensuring access to quality education for all.

  1. Joytown Special School specializes in providing education and support to disabled children in Kenya, offering corrective services for limb deformities through surgery and physiotherapy. While not guaranteeing complete recovery, the school empowers students to lead independent lives, with a student body spanning from primary to secondary education.

  1. Jacaranda Special School, founded in 1946 and funded by the government, operates as a mixed primary school dedicated to providing quality education to children with disabilities. With a focus on academic excellence and personalized support, the school aims to empower students to realize their full potential.

  1. Fairmile School is committed to nurturing children with special needs from birth to 25 years of age, emphasizing the importance of education and self-advocacy. Through comprehensive support and encouragement, the school instills confidence in its students, enabling them to actively participate in society.

  1. The Grangeville School focuses on empowering children with autism by equipping them with essential life skills and fostering a sense of belonging in society. Offering both boarding and day school options, the school provides a supportive environment for students to thrive academically and socially, promoting independence and self-sufficiency.

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