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Fee Structure for Special needs Secondary Schools Kenya

Special needs schools are educational institutions tailored to accommodate students with various impairments, including visual, physical, hearing, and mental challenges.

These schools are classified as national schools.

The Government of Kenya (GOK) has recently increased the capitation to KES. 53,807.00 per student, which is allocated based on the fee structure table below. This structure encompasses a GOK subsidy of KES. 19,053.00 per learner specifically designated for boarding equipment and stores.

Additionally, there is a supplementary grant of 12,510.00 per student intended to cover the expenses associated with assistive devices and any additional personnel required to support the students.

It is emphasized that schools must adhere strictly to the provided fee guidelines as stipulated in the regulations. By ensuring compliance, schools can effectively manage their finances while adequately supporting the needs of their students with impairments.

This increase in capitation demonstrates the government’s commitment to enhancing the quality of education and support services provided to students with special needs across Kenya.

Fees Structure for Special Needs Schools

1Teaching, Learning Materials & Exams4,144.0004,144.00
2Boarding Equipment & Stores23,22010,79034,010
3Maintenance & Improvement5,000.002,000.007,000.00
4Other Vote Heads9,400.000.009,400.00
5Activity Fees1,500.000.001,500.00
6Medical & Insurance2,000.000.002,000.00
7Top Up12,510.000.0012,510.00
9Total School Fees57,97412,79070,764

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