7 stupid things to avoid when kissing..No. 4 can ruin your relationship


Kissing someone you love is often different than a kiss after a casual date or with someone you just met. In most cases kissing is the easiest way of instantly turning on someone. Kissing may not be a big deal to most people but how you do it is what makes it a big deal. The following are the mistakes you need to completely  avoid when kissing:

1. Don’t be indecisive

When you decide to go for the kiss, go for it! Whatever method you use, this is the time when he who hesitates is lost. Women want a strong, decisive man, and that is never more evident than on the first kiss.

2. Don’t act like she is doing a favour

When you eventually gets that  kiss, and then you thank your partner! This is a mistake. You can say, “that was very nice,” but don’t act like she’s doing you a favor that is any bigger than the one you are doing her.

3. Don’t talk while kissing

Talking while kissing is not only devastating, but also weird. Imagine in amidst of a sweet kiss and suddenly someone asks whether you like. This sound awkwardly bad. Yapping like a teenager on first date while kissing will completely turn off the mood.

4. Don’t do something stupid.

There’s no shortage of ways to offend a woman you are on a date with. If you do something that offends her deeply, back off at once, apologize briefly if you think it will help, and go on with the date as if nothing happened. Sadly, you often won’t know if you’ve offended her. She won’t tell you; she’ll simply write you off, and get away from you as quickly as she can. She certainly won’t kiss you.

5. Don’t push too hard, too quick

Practically speaking, you must learn to pay attention to her responses. If she is consistently resistive and unresponsive, you may be scaring her, making her angry by pushing too hard, too quickly. Slow down and back off a bit. If she says that you are coming on too strong, don’t worry. It’s great that she gave you the feedback. Remember that she’s not necessarily telling you to stop seducing her, she’s probably just telling you to slow down

6. Don’t slobber like a puppy.

Its wrong for a man to slobber and lick a all over a woman’s face. Though saliva is par for the course when making out they should be handled diligently and carefully. 

7. Don’t keep lips inactive

An overactive tongue is bad, but kissing someone whose lips do not move at all takes the cake.
When a man kisses you, you want to feel it passionately. Kissing dead lips feels like you’re kissing someone who isn’t that into you, or who’s dead? Crap!