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7 Best Creative Side Hustles For Teachers In Kenya

Having a job that is permanent and pensionable is defensibly the best thing that can ever happen to a teacher. This is because it assures one of security in any time. However, depending solely on your job is not a good idea. This can make you wallow in abject poverty. Think outside the box.

Side hustle can make one earn extra bucks and ultimately boost economic status.

Earning accruing from side hustle can come in handy and sort out bills especially when salary is committed to servicing a loan.

In this article am going to delve deeply into lucrative opportunities that a teacher can tap and boost economic status.

1. Agribusiness

This is the business of agricultural production. Agriculture being one of the major sectors in Kenya, speaks volume why this opportunity will go a long way in strengthening your financial muscles.

Some of the agribusiness ideas include; Beekeeping, Dairy farming, Vegetable farming, Fresh juice, Tree tomato (Tamarillo) farming, Poultry farming, Animal feed production, Bull rearing among others.

2. Online Jobs

Use of internet has opened unlimited opportunities nowadays. All one needs to do is to develop passion and with time everything will fall into place.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that there is no easy money online, and you have to work hard. Online ways of making money can include writing and non-writing.

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Blogging/article writing, Online research jobs in Kenya and freelancing are among the writing ways while Forex Exchange Markets and Vlogging (You Tube) are the non-writing ways.

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3. Taxi business and car hire

Owning a car is prestigious thing that can happen to ones life. However, if the car is not utilised maximumly, then it can turn out to be a thorny issue.

As a teacher, a car can conveniently ease your movement especially during workdays and can generate an income by using it as a taxi during weekends or when it is not being used.

4. Tent and chairs business

This is another lucrative business idea that involves purchasing tent and chairs then you keep them for hire. There are many celebration and events going on in the village and it will be to your advantage if you buy chairs and tents which will be hired.

5. Online tuition classes

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic where schools will remain shut for the next six months or more, then starting a platform where you can engage learners online will definitely go a long way helping not only yourself but the learners.

The best platforms you can explore are to blog and YouTube channel where you will post education materials and earn from AdSense and sponsored content.

6. Build rental houses

Rental houses have proven beyond reasonable doubt to be best source of recurring income. When you engage in this this idea, even some of your fellow teachers will be staying in your houses and pay you at the end of the month.

7. Selling clothes and shoes 

The good thing with this business you do not need to own a physical  boutique shop in order to venture into it. All you need is to take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or twitter and market your goods.

Your colleagues and friends may also help you in marketing and ultimately you will make a killing. The key thing is you ensure you clothes and shoes are of high quality.

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