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Best Non-Writing ways of making money online

Making money online most people think its all about writing. This is not true. You can earn a living online without necessarily sitting down 3 hours writing.

Not everybody can write and this does not mean that you can’t earn a living online. Here below is a list of non writing online ways earning.

1. Forex Exchange Markets

This involves exchanging currencies. For example if you have 50, 000 shillings you can exchange it for dollars or pounds and then sell them when the price goes up.

All you need is closely monitor the patterns and know when to make a profit.

2. Upload videos in YouTube

Vlogging is slowly taking roots in Kenya and people have started acknowledging it as one way of making a living.

Just like blogging, all you need here is to chose a topic and start uploading videos of the same.

After working on your content, all you need to do is apply for a Google adverts account which works like Google AdSense for blogging. Google pays about $0.18 dollars per view if the person watches 30 seconds or more of the advert.

3. Sports betting

This one works well for risk takers. If you are a football fanatic, you can always bet for your favorite teams and make some good cash.

The only problem with betting is its addiction. If not controlled and done responsibly, it can affect ones social and economic life.

4. Make money by selling photos and videos online

Sites like shutterstock.com and istockphoto.com make it easy for anyone to make money by selling their photos and videos. The good thing with these sites is that they don’t charge for uploading photos, what they do is take a little percentage of the sale once someone purchases your photos and videos.

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