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Will looming September teachers’ strike gain ground? Here is the plain truth

Wilson Sossion who is the Secretary General of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has threatened to lead a teachers’ strike starting September if the Government will not stop delocalisation of heads of schools.

On the other hand, Sossion has squarely blamed ongoing arson in schools on delocalisation of teachers. He added that this delocalisation of teachers has impacted negatively on families.

The future in the teaching service does not augur well, considering the fact that ongoing burning of schools has completely destabilized most learning institutions.

Teacher service commission is mandated to employ dismiss, promote and transfer teachers. A teacher is not confined to work in any specific place, and the commission can at any time transfer or delocalize a teacher where necessary.

Why September strike will not gain ground

  • Teachers have serious issues to handle other than jumping on streets in a bid to oppose delocalisation of heads. Some of serious issues that need attention include, ineffective AON medical cover, promotion of teachers upon higher qualifications, abolishing of cumbersome TPAD and appraisal, and non-consultative circulars.
  • Division in KNUT leadership where a section of delegates don’t want Sossion
  • Previous MOUs were never honoured.
  • A strike that is not attached to monetary benefit hardly go through.

It will not be easy for teachers to down their tools come September, however its still early to judge let’s wait and see how the future will unfold.

Another bone of contention in education sector is proposed introduction of similar uniforms in all public schools. Wilson Sossion is on contrary opinion. He has trashed the move referring to it as misinformed and merely meant to benefit a few people, who will be awarded the tenders to supply the uniforms to schools, like it is with text books.

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