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Where to Sell Class Notes, Unused Research Projects & Research Papers and Make Good Money 2018

Selling of well written class notes, unused research projects and research papers online, is one of the most lucrative way students can effortlessly make money online. How is this possible? You don’t have to worry because there is an on platform called Muthurwa Market place where a you can create an account for free and you are ready to get started with earning while studying.

How does Muthurwa Marketplace work

It offers an online platform for students or any other person to upload their work in either pdf or word format. The work can then be bought by other students. This is the best way of making money instead of giving out your notes freely take a step and make good money.

How to make payments on Muthurwa Market

Every time someone purchases your notes or research papers, your earn 80% of your total sales. For instance, if you are selling your notes at Ksh.1000, you will get ksh. 800 for every successful sale. Your buyers can make payment through mpesa pay bill, airtel money, bank or paypal integrated in the muthurwa.com website.

Payment of your sales are made on the 25th of every month via either mpesa, bank or paypal.

How to upload your work on Muthurwa Market

  • Visit: https://muthurwa.com/start-selling/
  • Open your Shop
  • Upload your notes in pdf or word format
  • Write a description of about 200 words about your product
  • Include the number of pages of your notes
  • Set your price
  • Submit for review and publication
  • Wait for sales (You can keep track of your sales in your account)

A detailed guide on how to upload your products/notes is available in this page: https://muthurwa.com/help/

How to Increase your sales on muthurwa marketplace

  1. Market your product by sharing widely on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and your WhatsApp groups.
  2. Be unique by ensuring your product description stands out.
  3. Add your image and contacts in your Account profile.
  4. Set reasonable price.

Source: Kenyayote.com

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