TSC has advertised replacement of 4245 Primary School Teachers who exited service due to natural attrition in July 2018; here is the number per county

TSC has advertised 4245 posts to fill primary school teachers who have exited service the month of June 2018, through natural attrition.

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Applicants for must have p1 certificates and will be selected from county merit list compiled during may 2018 recruitment of additional teachers. Click here to read latest marking scheme and recruitment guidelines for p1 teacher.

Keep in mind that the process of selection is transparent and only a qualified candidate carries the day. However, if one is not satisfied with process, there is a laid down mechanism to register your dissatisfaction immediately in writing to the TSC county director and a copy sent to TSC headquarters within a period of not more than 7 days after the selection exercise.

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Here is a list of number of teachers to be employed in each county