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Top lucrative business ideas for teachers in Kenya

Teaching profession in Kenya is mostly underrated not only because of low monthly salary, but because of how limitive it is, in terms of economic progress.

But now its more important to note that Jambonews has done a detailed research on best business ideas that will propel economic growth of a Kenyan teacher. All you need to do is do a proper research and decide on which idea best fits you;

Poultry farming

Poultry farming

This is a lucrative idea that fits a a teacher. Poultry farming is majorly practiced in Kenya in small scale, mostly for domestic consumption, however if managed properly it can propel economic growth of a teacher.

Before you venture into this business first its important to decide whether you going the broiler( keeping them for meat production) way or you going to keep them for egg production (layers)

Most common poultry bird in Kenya is chicken. Chicken are potential source of eggs and meat. When eggs are produced in large scale they can be sold and at the end profit is realized.

Poultry farming is more advantageous to teachers because, he/she can supply eggs to school or even to fellow teachers. If you are a teacher, its good to think about this business especially during weekends or even holidays.

Start a bookshop


This is another business idea that favours a teacher. Bookstores can thrive any part if the country be it in big cities or small cities. Despite electronic books, audio books and digital magazine taking roots, most people prefer and enjoys reading traditional printed books.

As a teacher, starting a bookshop is an amazing idea because he/she is well acquainted with changing trends in books especially those used in schools.

Revision books are changing every single day and a teacher is the person who knows which is the best book for a student. A well stocked bookshop can also supply books to schools. Are you a teacher? Grab this business opportunity and change your life.

Start general Supplies business


Before one starts a general supplies company its good to do proper research about what you want to supply. However with the case of a teacher its more easier and simpler since he or she has amazing ready market.

When your company is registered you can follow procurement procedures and apply for tender in any school or company.

Among the things that can be supplied to schools are, vegetables, cereals, firewood, chemicals to be used in laboratory experiments and practicals.

Tailoring shop

School uniforms

Starting up a sewing shop will open up various opportunities depending on whether your business is generalized or specialised. As a teacher, a specialized one will be the best option.

One can concentrate majorly on school outfits and he or she will enjoy ready markets. There are many students and pupils who join school each year and they require school uniforms.

This business idea is more profitable and and it will pay off amazingly.

Start a private school

Kindergarten school

Most people prefer their children getting their education in a private school as compared to a public school. This means that starting your private school will guarantee you a ready market.

A teacher who has successfully gone through his teaching course, knows what it takes to set up a more competitive private school.

When establishing a private school, ensure that first find out which level is the most appropriate. Whether a kindergarten or primary level or even a secondary. A proper research will give you the best idea concerning the rightful level.

Do you have anything to add to this article? Share your idea through the comment section below.

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