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How to start or set up a competitive private School in Kenya 2018

Public schools in Kenya have always won that bad reputation for many years. Most public schools are characterised with low teacher – student ratio, low level of desplined and worst of all low performance when it comes to national examinations like KCPE and KCSE. This makes parents who come from a well to do family, preferring to take their children in private schools.

This means that demand for private schools in Kenya is in a steady rise its a desire for many parents to acquire quality education.

For one to own a private school in Kenya he or she should consider the following:

1. Which level to start with

The first thing one should do is to determine which level is suitable to start with. Most private schools start with lower levels, like Nursery, Kindergartens and Baby-class. This step is very crucial since it will give enable one to know which resources should be set aside.

2. Write down the mission of the school

Every school be it private or public must be described by its mission that is well written down. When writing the mission statement, it is important to include the school values, your area of focus in the curriculum, the end goals/outcomes on the learners.

3. Choose a private school committee

This is a group of people that will see to it that the goals and and objectives of the school are fully achieved. Its therefore important to choose prudently and from different notable  and distinguish professionals in the society.

4. Register with the ministry of education

After you’ve written down the school mission and prudently selected your committee, the next step is to visit a offices of education ministry and register with it. After registering with ministry of education you’ll be given a permit that will allow you to run the school.

5. Location of your school

When looking for the location of school consider essential factors like, accessibility, availability of water and security. This is because no parent will bring his or her son or daughter to a school which is insecure and not easily accessed.

6. Hire professional staff members

Professional staff members include, manager, accountant and others. This panel should come early, even 12 months before the launching date. They will help you to plan strategically in accordance with the aim and objectives of you school. Don’t wait for last minute struggle as this will paint a a bad picture not only to your staff but also clients.

7. Extensive marketing and promotion

This can be done through magazines and newspapers. With growing digital world, proper marketing can also  be done through online platforms like Facebook and twitter. It is also important to set up a school website, where valuable information like admission letters, bank accounts and also physical location can be provided.

8. Hire a team of professional and determined teachers

This group of professionals is very important in attaining the objectives of your organization. It is therefore important to make this process to be more competitive so as to come up with a more competent team. Remember to hire teachers who are registered with Teacher Service Commission.

8. Begin Admission process

After all required resources have been obtained, its now in order to start a admitting students.

9. Launch your school

Opening of the school can be done in a unique way in such a manner that respectable dignitaries can be invited so as to make one of a kind. Once the school has been opened, teaching and learning should commence immediately. One very important thing to note is to always ensure that your term dates coincide with those of the ministry of education


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