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Top 100 Tech Companies in the World 2018

U.S has remained to be home to the best tech companies in the world. Out of 25 companies listed, 13 of them hail from U.S. South Korea has also contributed to the list of best Tech Companies.

Among the indicators of a good tech company included; Financial, Management and Investor Confidence, Risk and Resilience, Legal Compliance, Innovation, People and Social Responsibility, Environmental Impact, and Reputation.

Apple of U.S and Samsung of South Korea are top in the list of the top 100 best tech companies in the world 2018 each recording a whooping profit of $45.2B and $19.3B respectively.

Here is a list of Best Tech companies in the world 2018

No. company Profit Country
1. Apple $45.2B U.S
2. Samsung Electronics $19.3B South Korea
3. Microsoft $16.8B U.S
4. Alphabet $19.5B U.S
5. IBM $11.9B U.S
6. Intel $10.3B U.S
7. Cisco Systems $9.8B U.S
8. Oracle $8.9B U.S
9. Hon Hai Precision $4.6B Taiwan
10. Facebook $9.5B U.S
11. Taiwan Semiconductor $10.4B Taiwan
12. Tencent Holdings $6.2B China
13. Qualcomm $4.9B U.S
14. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise $3.2B U.S
15. SAP $4B Germany
16. HP $2.5B U.S
17. Accenture $3.8B Ireland
18. SK Hynix $2.5B South Korea
19. SK Holdings $659.9M South Korea
20. Tata Consultancy Services $3.9B India
21. Texas Instruments $3.4B U.S
22. Baidu $1.7B China
23. Corning $3.7B U.S
24. Fujitsu $1.2bB Japan
25. Micron Technology $689M U.S

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