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Top 10 Fastest trains in Africa 2019

Train is one of safest, fastest and preferred mode of transport in the world.  One amazing fact with Railway transport is that its economical, quicker and best suited for carrying heavy and bulky goods over long distances.

In Africa a good of countries enjoy this mode of transport. In November 2018, Morocco inaugurated Africa’s fastest train. The train, which was tested at a speed of 357 km (222 miles)per hour runs Casablanca-Tangier journey to around two hours. It is about twice as fast as South Africa’s high-speed Gautrain linking Johannesburg’s international airport to the city’s financial district Sandton.

According to state news agency MAP, the high-speed line was completed at a total cost of 22.9 billion dirhams ($2.4 billion).

Here is a list of top ten fastest trains in Africa 2019





  • LGV Maroc


320km/h, 200mph

Began operation in November 2018

Operated by national railway company ONCF

  • Gautrain​​ 

South Africa

160km/h, 99mph

Began its operation in June 2012


Electrified train

  • SNTF Trains


160km/h, 99mph

Duo mode train that can either operate on diesel or electric

  • SNCFT Trains


120km/h, 74mph

Began its operation 2012

Manufacturer -Hyundai Rotem

  • Djibouti Train


120km/h, 74mph

Began operation January 2018

Fastest inter-country train in Africa

Operated by government of Ethiopia and Djibouti


  • Madaraka ​​ Express


120km/h, 74mph

Operated by Kenya Railways

Runs between Nairobi and coastal city Mombasa

Begun operation July 2017

Diesel powered

  • Regional ​​ Train


120km/h, 74mph

Diesel powered

Managed by Egyptian National Rail ways

  • Cairo Metro


100km/h, 62mph

Opened 1987

Manufacturer -Hyundai Rotem

  • Abuja – Kaduna Train


100km/h, 62mph

Opened July 2016

Diesel Powered

  • Metro rail

South Africa

90km/h, 55mph

Operates on a 460km electrified rail System



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