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Toll free emergency numbers in Kenya 2019

Emergency situations require to be addressed promptly to prevent and minimize fatalities.

Toll free numbers are therefore essential for making contact in these scenarios.

Toll free numbers have the benefit of not charging the caller, can usually called from any network and are typically short-codes that are easy to remember.

Various government departments and some organizations run emergency toll free numbers however the majority of emergency service providers still rely on normal mobile or telephone numbers.

991, 911 and 112: National Emergency Numbers to report crime and for ambulance, fire and emergency medical service (EMS).

1199: Kenya Red Cross toll free hotline for emergency disaster and health response services including mergency Plus Medical Services (E-Plus) Ambulance services.

116: 24 hour toll free number (call  & sms) to report child abuse.
WhatsApp Chat: 0722 116 116 (7am-6pm)
Email: 116@childlinekenya.co.ke(8am-5pm)

1195: Toll free national hotline for victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV)

1190: Anonymous and toll free helpline for victims and those affected by HIV/AIDS, STIs and information on reproductive health.

1192: 24hr toll free helpline for victims of alcohol and drug abuse

+254722178177: Suicide, depression and abuse helpline run by Befrienders Kenya that’s available for calls between 7 AM and 7 PM. This is not a toll free line but sadly it’s the only suicide hotline at the time of this writing.

You can also contact Befrienders through:

To join their support group, please visit their site here for details

110: Emergency hotline number for search and rescue operations in Lake Victoria and other water bodies.

95551: 24hr contact centre hotline for Kenya Power to get help regarding their services such as reporting outages/faults.

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