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The Bolivian football team that destroys everybody

As probably many people have already seen, Bolivia contributes to the world of football with several clubs with curious names. The 1x Bet website can be visited at any moment in order to place all kinds of pre-match and live wagers on them.

Some of these weird manners in which some clubs have decided to name themselves include Blooming, The Strongest or Always Ready. However, there is another team that also has quite a curious name.


This squad in question is known as Club Destroyers. With such a name, probably fans expect that they would destroy all their opponents, right? Well, not really. Club Destroyers has been in the second division of Bolivian football during most of its history. It has managed to be in the top divisions for a few seasons, however, they were destroyed and sent back to the second level. The 1x Bet betting platform features all matches of Club Destroyers, and fans can make some excellent wagers on them.

A difficult history

Club Destroyers was created in September 1948. They have been based since then in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. The 1xBet mobile website and apps allow their users to place bets on all matches of the different Bolivian football competitions.


Since their creation, Club Destroyers has been only on two occasions in the top division of Bolivian Football. They had a 14-year-long spell in the top level between 1985 and 1999. However, they were relegated to the second level, where they spent a total of six years.

They were promoted once again to the top division of Bolivian football in 2005, only to be relegated one more time in 2007. However, the team has still been able to win a few titles throughout their history. Some examples include:


  • the First Division of Bolivian football during their professional era;

  • the First Division of Bolivian football during their semi-professional era;

  • a Second Division title;

  • and also, a Copa Simón Bolívar.


Those multiple Bolivian football competitions are available at the mobile 1xBet betting platforms, where users can wager on all of them.

Probably the most successful year in the history of the squad was 2004. In that year, Club Destroyers won a Bolivian second division title. This not only helped them to be promoted to the first division. This also allowed them to take part in some continental competitions. Some of them include the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana.


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