Safaricom Home fibre packages, Cost and Coverage 2020

Safaricom Home Fibre Packages

Safaricom Home Fibre is a service that allows you to have fast, reliable and unlimited internet access from the comfort of your home. Once registered you will be given a Wi-Fi router that will enable you to have wireless and LAN internet access.

Safaricom has four home fibre packages designed to meet everyday work of a subscriber. Internet use has greatly contributed positively in the field of education, entertainment and business.

Customers can subscribe for packages starting from as low as Kshs2,900 per month with speeds of 5Mbps to Kshs 11,499 at 40 Mbps per month.

Package Speed Monthly Cost Validity Period
Bronze 5mbps 2900/- 30 Days
Silver 10mbps 3999/- 30 Days
Gold 20mbps 5699/- 30 Days
Platinum 40mbps 11499/- 30 Days

  1. Use M-PESA PAYBILL no. 150501 and key in your Safaricom Home Fibre account number under the account number section
  2. Via USSD,
    1. Dial *400#
    2. Select Manage your subscriptions
    3. Select your preferred package and make payment via M-PESA
  3. Via Bonga – this allows you to pay for your Safaricom Home fibre subscription using Bonga points. Simply dial *400#, select manage subscriptions, select your account then select renew subscription, select the account no that you are renewing, then select bonga points. You will then confirm payment and input your service PIN. A confirmation SMS will then be sent to your number confirming your successful payment.

Safaricom home fibre coverage

To check if your home is located in an area with Safaricom home fibre all you have to do is

  • dial *400#.
  • Next, choose the option that says Get Safaricom Home fibre,
  • then key in the name of your town then your estate name and finally your nearest landmark.
  • Safaricom customer care will then get in touch with you.
  • You can also check your area via the Safaricom official website.

Once registered, you will be given a router and access to credentials. They will enable you to have both Wireless and LAN access, with no installation charges. You only have to pay for the month you are subscribed to.

How to upgrade from current safaricom home fibre

You can upgrade to a new Safaricom fibre home internet package if you feel that you need more internet speed. Here is how to upgrade your current Safaricom home fibre:

  • Dial *400#
  • Choose the option that says change subscription
  • Select the service package that you prefer
  • Pay the package amount via Mpesa, and you will be automatically upgraded.