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Popular Men whose deaths were allegedly caused by women from central Kenya

Death is a natural occurrence but sometimes it caused by human force. As much as most men fear marrying from a certain tribe in Kenya, it has been evidenced beyond doubts that they are more dangerous.

Their reputation in marriage has been ruined beyond remedy. There are several deaths in marriage attributed to women from this tribe, but the following deaths strongly captured public attention in Kenya;

Samuel Mbogo – Principal Gatunguru Secondary School

Lifeless body of slain Gatunguru School principal was found in this car

This is the most recent incident. Samwel Mbogo’s body was found lifeless in his car on  Sunday morni

Its alleged that unknown people attacked and killed Gatunguru secondary school principal Samuel Mbogo at his home in Gakurwe village, Mathioya sub-county in Murang’a county.

The daughters of the deceased detailed how two men entered into their compound and forced their way into their house where they killed their father before dragging his body into his car as they watched.

His wife Jane was arrested as the main suspect and charged with murder in Murang’a high court before the case was moved to Kiambu high court. The matter is still in court.

Solomon Mwangi – Kiru Boys High school

Solomon Mwangi – deceased principal of Kiru Boys

Kiru Boys High School Principal Solomon Mwangi, was killed in November 2016. His strangled body was found dumped in a thicket Kiambu County.

The wife of the deceased, Jane Muthoni who also happened to be a former principal of Icaciri Secondary School in Kiambu was the main suspect.

Samuel Wanjiru – Celebrated Kenyan Athlete

Deceased Samuel Wanjiru his Wife(Teresia Wanjiru) and daughter

The olympic marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru was murdered at his Nyahururu home in 2011. Its alleged that he jumped from his balcony something that was never confirmed. However, doctor said the height from which Mr Wanjiru fell scientifically is not enough to generate the momentum to kill him.

Wanjiru brought great pride to Kenya by winning the country’s first Olympic marathon gold medal in Beijing in 2008. His untimely death did not only shake Kenya but also the whole world.

Up-to-date it is still uncertain whether his death was a suicide, homicide, or accidental.



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