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No Deadline As NHIF Clarifies On Biometric Registration

Recently, NHIF embarked on a mass biometric registration exercise for its members and also deployed Electronic Claims Management System (EClaim) to all NHIF contracted hospitals.

NHIF is undergoing digital transformation within the UHC framework, so as to ensure that members receive efficient services

Previously, members used their National ID card and NHIF card as a mode of identification, which is smoothly transitioning to a biometric mode of identification and verification. The procedure for biometric registration is as follows

NHIF members and dependants can visit the nearest NHIF branch offices across the country and produce identification documents i.e. a copy of National ID/NHIF card for verification in the database.

Members can also be registered biometrically whenever they visit NHIF accredited hospitals seeking services

Once verified, membersfingerprint details will be captured

New members will also be registered biometrically to the NHIF database and issued with a registration number

When a member visits an accredited facility of choice, they will be identified using their fingerprint or Onetime password (OTP)

It is important to note that the biometric registration process is continuous. If a member is unwell and is not biometrically registered, the hospital will biometrically register them first before seeking any service from the hospital. NHIF guarantees its members who are not yet registered biometrically that they will continue accessing seamless services.

There is no deadline for biometric registration

NHIF management further wishes to clarify the following issues on Eclaim connectivity for Facilities

  • Eclaim registration is currently ongoing for the Accredited healthcare facilities in KEPH levels IV to VI Government Facilities and all faithbased and private facilities.
  • GoK facilities in KEPH levels II are not yet part of the Eclaim registration process. However, some facilities in KEPH levels III are registered on Eclaim. . Upon full registration, the facilities will switch from manual to electronic submission of claims
  • The deadline for E-claim connectivity is 11th July which only applies to healthcare providers. Therefore, the EClaim deployment deadline will not affect membersaccess to services

The ongoing digital transformation will improve efficiency and reduce fraud, wastage and abuse. This is part of the transition and transformation of NHIF as the vehicle through which the government will attain Universal Health Coverage.

For more details contact NHIF on toll free number 0800 720 801

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