New TSC Grading System and Salary Scale for Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Under the new grading system, Grade P1, which fell under Job Group G was scrapped and replaced with Grade B5. Grade B5 will be the entry grade for all primary teachers.

Grades that followed J, K, L, M, and N were re-named to C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 respectively.

A higher band of grades that were previously P, Q and R were renamed D1, D2, and D3 respectively.

The unions request of additional job groups S and T has also been granted, but under a new grading regime; D4 and D5. The chief principal will now fall under D5.

MIN in Kshs MAX in Kshs
G ana H B5 21,756
J C1 27,195
K C2 34,955 43,694
L C3 43,154 55,945
M C4 52,308 65,385
N C5 62,272 77,840
P D1 77,840 93,408
Q D2 104644 127,585
R D3
S D4 118,242 148,841
T D5 131,380 157,656

TSC New grading system and salary for Primary school teachers

All primary head teachers of boarding and day schools were automatically moved up to Grade D1. This means placed them to earn between a whooping Sh77,840 to Sh93 408.

Primary head teachers with lower students population will, however, be elevated to C5, making them to earn Sh62,272 and Sh77,840. All deputies of primary schools will also automatically move up to grade C5.

However, primary deputy heads in day schools were automatically moved to Grade C4, which means they will earn between Sh52,308 and 65,385. Senior primary teachers were automatically moved up to grade C2, which means they will earn between Sh34,955 and 43,694.

New TSC grading system and salary for Secondary school teachers

For secondary schools, the deal was so sweet for all principals of national schools as they will all move to Grade D5. This is the highest grade and all teachers under this group will earn between Sh131,380 and Sh157,656 per month.

Salary increments and payment for other principals have also been split based on the category of schools. All principals of extra-county schools will automatically move to grade D5 as their deputies move to D3.

Principals of county schools were moved to grade D4 as those of sub-county boarding schools also rose to Grade D4.

Deputies in county and sub-county schools will now fall under grades D3 and D2 respectively. Principals of sub-county day schools will now fall under group D3, which means they will earn between Sh104,644 and Sh127,585 per month.

Further details show that all secondary school senior headmasters will automatically move to Grade D4, earning between Sh 118,242 and Sh 148,841 per month.