New Safaricom Home Fibre Plus Package; SMS, Mobile data, Calls and Insurance cover

Safaricom which is the leading telco company in Kenya has announced new home fibre plus packages that will incorporate more services like SMS, call, mobile data and insurance in one package.

This new development will see customers enjoying all services in one package. The move seeks to cater to communication demands of customers both in and out of the home.

To manage subscriptions, customers can access Home Fibre Plus package by dialing *400#.

Safaricom Home Fibre   Plus Package

Safaricon home fibre package plus comprise of four packages as shown below

Package plus Bandwidth Mobile Data Minutes SMS Monthly cost (KES)
BRONZE Plus 5mbps 2GB 100 Unlimited 3,400
SILVER Plus 1Ombps 4GB 200 Unlimited 4,999
GOLD Plus 20mbps 4GB 200 Unlimited 6,699
DIAMOND Plus 40mbps 4GB 200 Unlimited 12,499


Safaricom home fibre plus insurance cover

Safaricom home fibre plus insurance cover has three plans; hero, pro and fortified as shown below.

  Home Contents HC High Risk Items- Phones, Laptops, Jewellery etc Monthly Premium(KES)
Plan Sum Insured(KES) Sum Insured (KES)
Hero 250,000 75,000 50
Pro 500,000 150,000 475
Fortified 1,000,000 300,000 1,350