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List of Best Cancer hospitals in Kenya

Nairobi Hospital

They offer cancers screening and chemotherapy.


Nairobi Hospital, Argwings Khodek Road, Nairobi, 0722 204 114, hosp@nairobihospital.org.

Nairobi Women’s Hospital

They offer gynecologic oncology testing and treatment. They also offer free breast screening and fee-based cervical screenings.


Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Hurlingham, Nairobi, +254 20 272 6821, info@nwch.co.ke.

M.P. Shah Hospital

They offer diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.


M.P. Shah Hospital/Cancer Care Kenya, Shivachi Road, Parklands, Nairobi, 0733 606 752 (MP Shah), +254 20 374 0132 (Cancer Care Kenya), info@mpshahhosp.org (MP Shah), info@cancercarekenya.com

Nairobi Hospice

They offer outpatient and home-based palliative care for cancer and other terminal illnesses.


Nairobi Hospice, Kenyatta National Hospital Complex, Hospital Road, Nairobi, +254 020 271 383, info@nairobihospice.or.ke.

Texas Cancer Center

They provide cancer screening and treatment services.


Texas Cancer Centre, Argwings Khodek Grove, Hurlingham, Nairobi, +254 753 623 971, +254 20 262 3605.

Tenwek Mission Hospital

They offer limited screening, cancer treatment services (gynecologic), stenting for esophageal cancer patients, and palliative care services for cancer and other terminal illnesses.


Tenwek Mission Hospital, P.O Box 39 – 20400?, Bomet, +254 20 2045542, ?+254728091900, tenwek@tenwek.com.

Kijabe Mission Hospital

They offer cancer screening, chemotherapy and surgery treatment for several cancers – primarily breast cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma and surgically treatable cervical cancer.  They also provide palliative care.


Kijabe Mission Hospital, P.O. Box 20, Kijabe 00220, +254 (0) 20 324 6500, +254 (0) 733 779 994, info.kh@kijabe.net, mktoff.kh@kijabe.net.

Agha Khan University Hospital

The hospital provides detection and screening programmes, specialised diagnostics, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, and palliative and rehabilitation programmes.


Aga Khan University Hospital, Limuru Road, Parklands, Nairobi, +254 (0) 20 366 2037/2644, +254 (0) 732 688 911.

Coast General Hospital

The hospital located in the coastal region of Kenya offers cancer screening, chemotherapy and surgery.


Coast Province General Hospital, Kisauna Road, Mombasa, +254 (0) 41 231 4204, +254 (0) 722 207 868, chiefadmin@cpgh.co.ke.

Kenyatta National Hospital

The top Kenyan referral hospital offers cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment $surgery, chemotherapy and palliative care)


Kenyatta National Hospital, Hospital Road, Nairobi, +254 20 272 6450.

Mater Hospital

The institution offers breasts, leukemia cervical and prostrate cancer testing, surgery for malignant tumors and general cancer management services.


Mater Hospital, Along Mukenia & Dunga Road, South B, Nairobi, +254 (0)20 653 1199, +254 (0)733 641 870, inform@materkenya.com.

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

They offer cancer education, screening, diagnosis and treatment. They also have satellite clinics in Kitale, Kisumu, Mosoriot, Turbo, Iyen and Webuye.


Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, AMPATH Oncology Centre, P.O Box 4606, Code: 30100, Eldoret, +254 704 381 628, +254 721 176 262.

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