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KUCCPS application or revision of courses 2020 via Student portal

KUCCPS has already opened the  student online portal for KCSE 2019 candidates to apply or revise for their preferred courses.

Students who had not applied during centre or school application between  September 26, 2019 and  December 31, 2019  can now apply for placement.

On the same hand, KCSE 2019 candidates who had applied during centre application can now revise their courses. This will enable them to choose courses that they meet minimum requirement, unlike during centre application, since KCSE result had not been released.

One amazing thing is that the procedure of applying for kuccps courses is simple and one can do it without necessarily seeking assistance. All you need to have is your KCPE index number and KCSE index number.

The deadline for first revision is on 9th March, 2020. Here are the minimum requirements for placement:

Degree C + (Plus)
Diploma C – (Minus)
Craft Certificates D (Plain)
Artisan Certificate  D – (Minus) and Below

This means that all K.C.S.E. candidates are eligible for placement to Universities and Colleges under Government sponsorship at the applicable level.

How to apply or revise:

  1.  Log in to the KUCCPS student portal using this link https://students.kuccps.net/login.
  2.  Enter your KCSE index number and KCSE Year.
  3.  Use your birth certificate number and KCPE index number as the password.
  4.  Click on the programs tab on the upper left-hand corner to check the requirements for the programs.
  5.  Alternatively, search for courses by their institutions by clicking on the institution tab.

How to select courses:

Its important to know that before choosing a course, take note of the cluster points and minimum subjects requirements.

  1. While in your KUCCPS student dashboard Click on Programmes as shown in the diagram below:

    KUCCPS Programmes 2020

2.  Scroll through the programmes and add the ones you are interested in to the course basket. Course Basket is a tool that enables you to organise your application better, by bringing all the courses you are interested in into one place. You can then work with a shorter list, saving you time.

Alternatively, you can note down codes for courses you dully qualify for on your notepad or a piece of paper.

3. To enter your preferred courses, click on the application/revision tab on the site and  subsequently click on Apply tab as shown below:

KUCCPS 2020 Application procedure

4. Manually enter the codes of the courses you selected or you can pull the program codes from your selection in the course basket.

5. Once you are done, submit the courses you have selected.

6. You will be redirected to an application for payment.

How to pay for KUCCPS Courses

It is important to note that students who are applying for the first time will pay Ksh 1,500 while those revising (who took part in centre or school application) will only pay pay Ksh 1000.

Follow these steps to make payment:

  1.  Go to Lipa na M-PESA Menu
  2. Select Paybill
  3. Enter the business number as 820201
  4. Input the account number as your KCSE year and KCSE index number for example 2019111111111.
  5. Enter amount- Ksh 1,500 for first-time applicant and Ksh 1,000 for those revising.
  6. Input your M-PESA pin and send.


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