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Important figures released by IPSOS Synovate on state of corruption 2018

Tom Wolf, IPSOS lead researcher has released important figures pertaining the state of corruption in the country. The survey was conducted between July 25 to August 2 with a sample size of 2016.

Here are important figures from the IPSOS Synovate research;

  • Major scams mentioned by those who took part in the poll are the National Youth Scandal (NYS) and the Kenya Power graft cases.
  • Half of those in the poll indicating that they think President Uhuru Kenyatta is sincere in leading the fight against corruption.
  • 73percent of Kenyans don’t think corrupt individuals will be convicted.
  • 59 percent of those who took part in the IPSOS research said Kenya is going in the wrong direction while only 28 percent said the country is headed in the right direction. 14percent were not sure.
  • 41percent noted that “big people” are hampering the fight against graft as they are protected by those in power and may intimidate investigators and judicial officers.
  • Number of Kenyans who can name any corrupt scandal has increased from 65percent before last year’s elections to 82percent after the polls.
  • 77% of Kenyans say an ordinary person will be convicted while only 17% say a high ranking politician/government official or rich businessman can be found guilty and jailed.
  • 23% think sacking of corrupt officials by President will help
  • 31% of Kenyans think harsher criminal penalties will help in the fight against corruption.
  • Of all political leaders, Deputy President William Ruto and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru were polled as the most corrupt at 33percent and 31percent respectively.

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