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How to score More marks during Secondary School Teacher employment/Interview Day

Teaching is a work force that falls under civil service in Kenya. Despite the fact that TSC employs qualified teachers every year, its undoubtedly that there are several graduate teachers who are unemployed. The sarcastic part of it is that, the deficit of tutors in teaching force, surpasses the number of graduate teachers who are unemployed.

Teacher service Commision (TSC) is body commissioned to employ and dismiss teachers in Kenya.

Teaching posts to be filled are advertised through electronic media or print media. Thereafter, a qualified teacher who is below age 45, will write two letters; one to the county education office and also the other one to Board of Management (BOM) secretary, who is the headteacher of the school.

During the interview day, the interviewee will face a panel of officials and among them are representatives from County education office (TSC), the head of the institution BOM Chairman, deputy head of the institution and also subject teacher.

Documents you need during interview day

The following are MUST have original documents during the interview day:

  1. KCPE Certificate
  2. Leaving certificate for primary education
  3. KCSE certificate
  4. Leaving certificate for Secondary education
  5. Diploma/Degree certificate
  6. All transcripts
  7. TSC certificate(indicating TSC number)
  8. National Identity Card

Number of years a teacher has taken since graduation, is what mostly counts in the process of employment. The maximum marks one can score under length of stay is 60 marks. Its important to note that the type of certificate either diploma or degree plays a crucial role. For diploma holders this how marks are awarded;

  • Distinction – 30 marks
  • Credit – 25 marks
  • Pass -20 marks

If you are a degree holder, this is how marks are distributed;

  • First class honour – 35 marks
  • Second class upper division – 30 marks
  • Second class lower division – 25 marks
  • Pass – 20 marks

Advantage of Co-curricular certificate of participation

One who has a co-curricular certificate of participation will also stand higher chances of scoring more marks. Co-curricular certificates have the following marks depending on the level reached;

  • National level – 3 marks
  • Regional level – 2 marks
  • County level – 1 mark

Its important to note that good command in communication and convincing confidence level will put you in a good position to secure a job with TSC.

Ensure that your content mastery in your teaching subjects is commendable.

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