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How to join Recce Squad in Kenya, Qualifications, Recruitment, Training and Their Salary

In essence, the Recce Squad, a specialized unit within Kenya’s General Service Unit (GSU), operates from its headquarters in Ruiru, known for its pivotal roles in critical operations like the Westgate and Garissa attacks. Comprising highly skilled officers, the squad executes perilous and sensitive missions.

To qualify for the Recce Squad, candidates must be Kenyan citizens aged between 18 and 30, high school graduates, and possess a clean criminal record. Recruitment entails rigorous selection processes followed by training at the GSU facility in Embakasi. Successful recruits undergo intensive training in various fields, including explosives handling and VIP protection. Some may receive additional training abroad in countries like Israel and America.

The Recce Squad consists of specialized subunits, each with distinct roles. The Sky Marshal unit operates covertly on commercial flights to prevent aircraft hijackings. The Crisis Response Team stands ready for rapid deployment in emergencies, ensuring swift action when situations escalate. Additionally, the Rendition Operation Team undergoes specialized training abroad and is deployed for sensitive security operations.

Despite their expertise, members of the Recce Squad face challenges with inadequate salaries. Many officers opt to leave the unit in pursuit of better-paying opportunities in the private security sector.

In summary, the Recce Squad serves as a critical asset within Kenya’s security apparatus, executing high-risk operations with precision and efficiency. However, challenges such as salary disparities highlight the need for reforms to ensure the retention of skilled personnel within the unit.

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