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Easiest ways how a Kenyan can acquire permanent U.S. citizenship 2018

Each year U.S. government give non citizens opportunities to become permanent citizens through green card lottery program. Though the process of one acquiring U.S. citizenship through this program can take up to 15 years in some cases it takes only 15 days.

There are few categories of platforms that one can easily use and successfully be a US permanent citizen. Am going to take you through these categories so that you can evaluate yourself and find out which category best fits you.

1. Family sponsored category

If you are a foreign national seeking permanent residence and are lucky enough to have an immediate-relative relationship with a U.S. citizen, you will be in a good position to acquire it easily. This category works best for someone who has not married and probably wants to mmarry someone who is a U.S. citizen. Children who are below age of 21 and happens to be having an immediate relative in U.S. can also find it easier to acquire permanent citizenship using this category.

2. Employment based category

Under this category an employer in the U.S. is usually the entity sponsoring a foreign national for permanent residence eligibility. In addition, the employment-based categories generally correspond to the difficulty and educational requirements of the employment that the foreign national is to undertake.

3. Diversity visa Immigration category

Each year U.S. immigration law makes available 55,000 immigrant visas for foreign nationals from countries that have low numbers of permanent residence applications to the United States. As long as you meet the minimum educational requirements and do not have issues in terms of past criminal activity, immigration violations, or other problems, you can apply under the diversity visa program for a chance to be randomly selected and assigned an immigrant visa number right away.

Unlike other categories, this one greatly depend on luck. All one need to do is speak with a licensed immigration attorney about the potential routes you might take to acquiring a green card.

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