DStv multichoice Kenya packages and monthly prices 2020

DStv multi choice is arguably one of the top tv service providers in Africa. Esteemed customers can suitably choose one package from the seven packages offered by this giant tv service provider.

DStv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact, DStv Family, DStv Acess, DStv Acess, DStv Premium + Asia Addon and DStv Premium + Asia Addon are among the packages a customer can subscribe.

The good news is that DStv is set to reduce monthly rates on each package as from 1st September, 2019.

Here is the new DStv Multichoice monthly cost per month 2020

DStv Package 2020 Price in KES.
DStv Premium 7,500
DStv Compact Plus 4,500
DStv Compact 2,500
DStv Family 1,200
DStv Acess 900
DStv Premium + Asia Addon 8,800
DStv Premium + French Addon 11,100


DStv Premium Package

This is a high-end package that will now be subscribed at a rate of KES 7,500 per month. The package prides itself as the source of the most extensive range of on-screen with 127 Channels world class TV channels.

DStv Compact plus package

Under this package customers will now enjoy 111 Channels at a cost of KES 4,500 per month. The package gives wide range of entertainment ranging from football to movies and much more.

DStv Compact package

With only subscription fee of KES 2,500 per month, customers can conveniently enjoy 104 Channels under this package.

DStv Family package

Family package gives an opportunity for subscribers to watch over 86 Channels of exclusive entertainment. It goes at a cost of KES1,200 perĀ  month.

DStv Access package

This is the low-end package under DStv multichoice on-screen service providers. With only monthly subscription of KES 900, customers enjoy up-to 69 Channels.

Other packages are DStv Premium + Asia Addon and DStv Premium + French Addon that can be subscribed at KES 8,800 andĀ  KES 10,100 respectively.