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Degree programs to avoid in Kenya unless you want to tarmac forever

The purpose of proceeding with higher education is to secure a good course that will guarantee you a job. There is no need of tormenting yourself for years only to find yourself jobless after graduating.

If you are planning to join campus this year I’ve compiled a list of degree courses that you need avoid. In case you’ve been selected to pursue one of these courses change it as soon as are admitted.

1. Bachelor of science (General)

When somebody enrols for a course with the word general it is very clear that he/she is not sure with what s/he wants in life. Why on earth should you enrol for this course, and regret bitterly while looking for job.

2. Bachelor of theology

Not unless you are planning to spread the word of God, nowadays people don’t take this course seriously. In fact preaching is purely a calling and education is an added advantage.

3. Bachelor of sports management

If you pursue this course in college,I think you don’t know your purpose in life. In Kenya you are likely to find yourself in an awkward situation if you enrol in this degree program.

4. Bachelor of science (Chemistry)

Its inappropriate to enrol for this course in Kenya. Kenya has few industries and in addition, it imports most of her chemical products. Do this course at your own risk.

5. Bachelor of fisheries

This course cannot help you fulfill your dreams. Unless you want to proceed with it to masters or become a lecture avoid this course as a plague.

6. Bachelor of forestry

This course is not marketable at all. Very few people secure jobs at KWS and it hardly employs. Why then waste your time pursuing this course.

7. Bachelor of science in analytical chemistry

The only good thing with this course is that people will think that your super intelligent. But why torment your mind and waste your time in a difficult course that will not help you pay bills in future?

8. Bachelor of climate change and Development

If you don’t want to tarmac after exhaustively wasting your four years in university avoid this course as much as you can.

9. Bachelor of sociology

The best you get after this course is being a consultant but rarely do Kenyans consult and this will undeniably renders you jobless.

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