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Comprehensive list of flood prone areas in Kenya

Since the onset of heavy rains,  flooding in Kenya has left over 33,000 people displaced. Reports have indicated that more than 20 people have died over the past 10 days.

Floods in Kenya have continuously caused wreck havoc posing great danger to people year after year. It has cut major road networks, causing major transport issues. Homes and crops have been destroyed and power supply severely damaged.

According to the Kenya Met Department, the following areas in Kenya are prone to floods:

  • Nyando River Basin
  • Isiolo
  • Lower Lumi
  •  Lower Gucha along River Migori basin
  • Rivers Yala
  • Narok 
  • Awach-Kano
  • Kisumu
  • Samburu
  • Turkana
  • Tana River

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