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Best saving accounts in Equity bank

Eazzy Save

Eazzy Save comes in place when you have a goal to archive, with this saving plan you can can set a desired amount of many regularly stand save it to help you archive your goal.


  • No account opening and minimum operating balance.
  • No Ledger fee.
  • One free withdrawal in a month.
  • Free internal standing orders
  • Competitive Interest paid annually for savings above kshs 20,000


  • Any person above 18 years old
  • Account to be opened by individual person / joint persons.
  • Original and copy of National ID

Archivers Student Account

Archivers student account is a saving plan for college students. This is a convenient and suitable transactional account for college students.


  • No ledger fees
  • Free HELB processing
  • No opening balance
  • No account maintaining balance
  • Discounted Visa debit/ MasterCard card


  • Original student ID/Letter of admission
  • National ID card and photocopy
  • Passport for non-Kenyan students

Jijenge Account

Just like Eazzy Save with Jijenge you can as well set aside an amount of many that will help you archive your goals.


  • Account opening balance of Kshs 300.
  • Minimum monthly contribution of Kshs. 300 per month.
  • No partial withdrawal. Minimum operating lock period of six months.


  • Original and copy of National ID.

Junior Member Account

Kids live money too. Junior Member account is a saving plan where by parents can open an account for their children to serve their financial independence journey.


  • Account operating and opening balance of Ksh 200.
  • Free internal standing orders.
  • Two free withdrawals in a year.
  • On request, customers will be issued with an identification card.


  • Parent’s original and copy of National ID.
  • Original and photocopy of child’s birth certificate.

Teen Member 

With teen member a parents are able to open accounts for their teenage child. This is to make a safe avenue for the kids to save their money.


  • Account opened in the teen’s name.
  • Account opening/Operating balance of Ksh 200.
  • Two free withdrawals in a year, additional withdrawal charged at Ksh 200.


  • Original and copy of Parent’s/Guardian’s National ID/Passport.
  • Original and copy of teen’s birth certificate.
  • Account opened in the teen’s name.
  • Account opening/Operating balance of Ksh 200

School Fees Account

With this saving plan a parent is able to open a school fees account for his/her/their children.


  • Account operating and opening balance of Ksh 100.
  • Four free withdrawals in a year.
  • Free internal standing orders.
  • 3 free bankers cheques in a year for school fees payment.


  • The account is opened under the parent’s name.
  • Original and copy of National ID.
  • One can open the account for one or many children.
  • Individuals saving for school fees are also eligible to open this account.

 Call / Fixed Deposit Account

This account provides you with a medium for investment opportunities for individual savers, businesses and organizations.


  • Minimum fixing amount Kshs.20,000
  • Minimum period of one (1) month
  • Negotiable interest rate


  • Original and photocopy of the National Identity Card or Passport

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